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Hello All,

Welcome to Bodymorphia, the most amazing life changing website!

Thank you for your visit.

My name is Richard, and I have put together this platform with passion and consideration in the hope of helping people change their lives for the better.

Here at Bodymorphia we specialise in creating a lean, low body fat physique, requiring the least time and effort, to the greatest effect.

We achieve this through the most practical insight into nutrition and methods of training that are relatable to the regular person. The information is simple to understand and apply and dramatically enhances the physical appearance of every body type; regardless of age, race or gender and thus maximising each and everyone’s genetic potential.

The information you will find here is designed to help the ‘average’ person achieve the body of their dreams and the life style that goes with that. We do not promote body building in the extreme forms that you see in magazines, although the content described could also be tailored for that purpose, if so desired.

However, as your journey evolves you will discover that the physical aspect is only a small part of the whole, in which you will develop into a much healthier, happier, more amazing person!

My personal journey of discovery…

From a young age I was always a very visual person and had an interest in aesthetics and beauty as well as being into numerous sports.

During my adolescent years I was often physically active and enjoyed and range of sports from football (soccer), rugby and athletics. Although I was always relatively slim I was never particularly toned, or had visible abdominal muscles.

Then, during my first year of university I started to “pile on the pounds” without noticing and by the end of the year I had gone from 12 to 16 stone (168lbs to 224lbs / 76kg to 102kg). Who said that students don’t eat! LOL!! 😀

And what I found most bizarre was that I didn’t even notice it happening, to me, when I looked in the mirror my face was the same, it was only when I trod on the scales that my massive weight gain was revealed.

Needless to say, during this period I felt very unfit and I remember even struggling to bend over to tie my shoe laces! On top of that, I also looked and felt very unattractive and my confidence was rock bottom.

At this point and on a whim I got the opportunity to go travelling down to Australia and it was during my time there, and by coincidence, that I discovered and developed the practical aspects of nutrition and training that you will learn about on this platform.

I incorporated what I had learned into my daily routine with no dramatic upheaval or sacrifices and when I returned to the UK the following year, I was completely “ripped”!

From that point on my life just got better and better!

And all this was achieved whilst I still lived a party life style, including lots of beer! (Although this is not necessarily recommend). 😀

Also, because the techniques that I mastered are the only truth when it comes to exercises and nutrition, I have easily been able to maintain my physique ever since and I can honestly say that it takes no effort  at all.

It’s that simple!

Upon my return, this amazing transformation developed a burning desire in me to pass on my knowledge and help others to also achieve the best version of themselves. I became a qualified personal trainer and taught people what I had learned and soon there were many people who were so lean that they had visible ‘six-packs’ and could claim to be in the best shape of their lives.

And so, the next step…

To reach out to countless others via this platform who will then be able to be in the best shape of their lives.

The information you will find on this website is the only true way to eat and exercise that will work and will work for life!


Our motivation…

Modern day society has evolved into a situation where a lot of people are unhappy. Much of this unhappiness stems from a poor lifestyle which has created all sorts of unusual body shapes, mental problems and general lack of confidence that goes with it.

Our motivation is to have a positive impact and to help reverse this trend, so that people of all ages and backgrounds are more confident, richer and happier and can lead much more fulfilling lives. The great news is that fundamentally changing your life is easy to achieve and is within everyone’s reach.

The most satisfying and exciting part of all is to be able to meet and share stories with people who have positively transformed their lives and who will then motivate others to do the same.

Our goal…

Our ultimate goal via this platform is to positively transform the lives of people for the better, both physically and mentally, on a society-wide scale and for them to maintain that change for good. This will lead to much happier and more fulfilling lives, which will in turn, benefit society as a whole.

All we ask from you…

All the information provided here at bodymorphia.com to achieve your goals is absolutely free!

All we ask from you is that when you’ve achieved your goals, you will then share your story and refer and help others to do the same, continuing the most amazing happiness revolution.

How awesome is that?!!

So, please take a look around and start your transformation today, you’ll be so glad that you did! ????

Good luck!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Richard De Connop

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