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September 17, 2017

Benefits of Teetotalism

The benefits of being teetotal are numerous and far outweigh the perceived negatives of abstinence. Here at Bodymorphia we encourage teetotalism, but at the same time recognise that for some people it is okay to drink moderately as they are fully in control of their relationship with alcohol.

The physical health benefits of teetotalism are well documented, but there are also many other reasons to quit alcohol on a permanent basis.

Teetotal Health Benefits

Physical Health

  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Reduced risk of heart attacks
  • Reduced risk of various cancers
  • Reduced risk of liver disease and failure
  • Improvement in blood pressure regulation

Mental Health

  • Consuming alcohol can contribute to the development of mental health issues directly, such as anxiety and paranoia, amongst others
  • The need to drink excessively can also be a symptom of other underlying mental health issues that need addressing

Improved Appearance

  • Quitting alcohol will help you lose weight more easily due to reduced sugar and calorie intake
  • Alcohol also dehydrates the skin and can leave it looking grey and dull
  • It can also affect the blood vessels, especially in the face, leaving the face looking red and swollen

Other Benefits

  • Improved sleep which has a host of other benefits (to be discussed in another topic)
  • More motivation in life so more time spent exercising and with family
  • More money to spend on other more important things

Negatives associated with giving up alcohol are;

  • No more ‘fun time’
  • Social stigmatisation
  • Made to feel like an outcast

From a personal stand point, I can honestly say that since giving up drinking that I laugh far more, am the last one still standing on the dance floor and have way more fun being sober. Nowadays, there are far more alcohol free options, like beers that taste great, so people don’t even notice most of the time. To those that try and make you feel guilty, the last laugh is on them when you’re having to help them home and knowing full well that you’re going to spring out of bed the next morning!

Just remember, if you do decide to stop alcohol altogether, there’s many of us with you and more joining us every day!

If you’re looking to make a serious change in your life for the positive, which may be the answer you are looking for, then I highly recommend giving teetotalism a try. Here’s a link to a movement that I think is fantastic and might just give you the kick start you need to becoming a “teetotaler”.


If you have any questions or would like to add anything to this topic, then feel free to comment below.

All the best! 🙂

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